Forging A New Path

“Keep still until, moved by what moves all else, you move.”

– Wendell Berry

So often when we think of action, we think of charging forward. Rolling up our sleeves. Engaging externally. Exerting our effort and will. Making change happen out there.

For me, the last few months have been about getting really quiet. Listening. Witnessing. Observing. Unlearning. Relearning. Allowing the truth to rise. Making change happen in here. Like sand swirling in an agitated glass of water: once the motion slows, the water clears. In the midst of such big, worldly chaos, where I absolutely have bone-deep convictions about the heartbreaking social injustice we are witnessing, this felt wildly difficult to do. To step away from a burning world to turn inward. And still, I felt it must be done.

Three noticeable things happened when I was finally able to surrender to the stillness: Deepening clarity + More questions (always more questions!) + A spectrum of feelings! I spent hours, days, and weeks examining what our current events say about us as humans: about how we operate in our world, about our core beliefs, about the perpetual fear we live in — the fear of change and the fear of no change — and about the resiliency we have to still find Hope.

I then asked myself the questions I want to ask of the world: What am I (are we) afraid of changing? What is it that I’m (we’re) afraid of when it comes to the new world that could exist if we move past the comfortable/old ways of being? Where am I (are we) desperate for this kind of change in my (our) own life (lives)? How can I (we) let that desperation burn past the discomfort of change to clear the way for what’s coming?

This inquiry felt and feels like the most real work that I can offer the world and my clients. As I continued to follow threads in my inner world, I began following threads in the outer world. Books, research, articles … conversations with thought leaders about the precipice of change we are on. Themes began to emerge and converge, and dots began to connect.

The world that is emerging is inviting/requiring/demanding more intentionality, connection, openness, and adaptiveness from leaders and change makers than ever before. Performative leadership no longer has a seat at the table — we are seeing example after example of the ways in which this no longer serves. Heart-centered leadership is what is on the horizon. From Head Coaches to Executives. From locker rooms to board rooms. Leaders who value trust, collaboration, and community, and have deep alignment between mind, heart, and daily action will be forging the new and necessary paths.

Our team is in the process of packaging up what it looks like to make a transformative shift into this way of leading. We are energized by this opportunity to serve … and by all of those who are doing similar work.

Please stay tuned. We are looking forward to sharing this with you.