There is a different way of achieving high performance — a way that doesn’t leave us feeling depleted and fatigued from the pressure to perform and instead can heighten our ability to go and grow beyond our limitations, bringing deeper meaning to our lives and skillful mastery of our craft.

Inspired by the belief that the highest performance doesn’t come from a place of relentless struggle and strain, Sarah Derrenbacher founded Evolveability to guide leaders towards a more fulfilling way of achieving success within their team, organization, and society.

As an established Founder, trusted Leadership & Performance Strategist, and certified behavioral analyst, she is on a mission to re-envision the path to performance.

Since 2015, Evolveability has guided individuals and groups within sports and business to realize their potential and perform well beyond their expectations.

Over the past seven years, Sarah has contributed to over 20 league championships, NCAA tournament runs, and individual record-breakers in sports while helping Fortune 500 companies to outperform and growing small to mid-sized businesses into industry leaders.

From guiding teams out of slumps to accelerating breakthrough moments, Evolveability’s proprietary E3 System™ successfully transforms groups through individual performance coaching and dynamic team sessions.

The first half of her 18+ year career focused on client success and partnerships, where she witnessed the direct correlation between performance and the wellness of individuals, groups, and environments. And Sarah has committed the second half of her career to transformation as she turns high-pressure environments into high-context cultures, fearful groups into motivated teams, and validation-seeking individuals into self-assured leaders.

With a bachelor’s degree in Communications and minor in Psychology and Marketing, Sarah is an excellent communicator with a strong understanding of people. And as a 12-year student of meditation and Inquiry, her approach is enlivening and transcendent.

As an advisor for The Heartwork Institute, an organization that informed her own inner-work journey, a board member of the Rochester City Soccer League, and partner of like-minded organizations such as Rising Phoenix, Sarah finds fulfillment in helping others. By embracing awareness and humanness on our own journeys, she believes we can find unconditional joy within ourselves, our teams, and our world.

Bruna Mayer de Souza, PhD

I am thrilled to be part of a company that is profoundly aligned with my values and ideals, where I can bring my expertise to a shared purpose of creating real, tangible impact for others.

Bruna is a creative and innovative person who values collaborating in environments that are focused on improving our world. She has 13 years of experience working across a variety of environments from the academic to corporate. Bruna has a way of seeing and harnessing strategic connections that bring purposeful solutions to our clients’ environment. 

With a passion for positive change, Bruna’s academic focus centered on Architecture and Urbanism, specifically on decision models and human behavior, seeking to understand what stood in the way of people adopting sustainable practices and bringing change to their patterns. After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Bruna worked as a professor of Architecture. In this role she honed her skills in developing structured and experiential curriculum, while also finding joy in guiding students to discover their passion. Bruna simultaneously worked as an independent architect, successfully overseeing projects from conception through completion and navigating multiple, complex client environments.

Bruna completed her PhD in 2022 and through the process ignited a spark within herself where she was able to embrace the mindset that through wholeness and care, both purpose and fulfillment can be achieved.

Bruna is thrilled to bring her creative spark, multifaceted skill set, and passion for the world to Evolveability. She is excited to be a part of a company that is contributing to the world in a way she deeply believes in.

Tonia Finke - Director of Operations

I’m excited to be a part of a team making a positive impact on people and teams, and I’m energized to contribute to a growing company.

Tonia is a talented office management and administrative professional with years of experience optimizing productivity, efficiency, and service quality within various industries.

She is a natural leader who is highly dependable and reliable. She is also adept as a support specialist in blending advanced organizational skills with business acumen. She excels in working across teams to ensure timely and efficient service and operations.

Tonia currently resides in Pittsford, NY, with her husband, Kevin, and two sons. She spends her free time cheering for her sons’ travel hockey and baseball games. Tonia is thrilled to join the Evolveability team and is looking forward to contributing to the company’s ongoing success and impact.

Courtney Cooley

Working with Evolveability has taught me that we do not have to grind ourselves to the bone; that we can accomplish and achieve great things with compassion, empathy, and care.

Courtney has a well-rounded background in process documentation and design, project management, operations, and finance. Over the course of her 20-year career, she has successfully led the development and launch of multiple knowledge-based initiatives within global organizations in the employee engagement, employee recognition, and HR software space. Her strategic and analytical approach and her passion for quality ensure efficiency and high-level client delivery.

Courtney gets excited by the impact and change when people start to see and make the shift from struggle into flow. She is grateful to be a part of a growing team that is dedicated to cultivating more fulfillment in work and in life. As a resident of Denver, CO, Courtney finds deep joy and rest in the mountains.