Bringing Wholeness To High Performance

ROC Spotlight Podcast with guest Sarah Derrenbacher
Join host Dr. Matt Driscoll and guest Sarah Derrenbacher, founder and owner of Evolvability, as they discuss:
  1. What Sarah does in her 9-5
  2. What performance means in her professional opinion
  3. What wholeness means
  4. How wholeness and performance are connected
  5. How wholeness and performance are intertwined with “one’s flow state,” which we highlighted in our previous podcast discussion
  6. Why mindset is so important
  7. Scarcity and abundance (or fixed vs. growth) mindset
  8. How we begin to shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset
  9. Actionable tips for listeners to start working on their mind and body to get the results they’re looking for
  10. How to avoid multitasking and stay focused on tasks
  11. What Sarah’s self-care looks like in order to maximize her potential and performance
  12. What exciting things are lined up for Evolveability this year