Leading and Living from Flow

Leading and Living From Flow With Guest Sarah Derrenbacher
Join your host Dr. Matt Driscoll and his guest, Sarah Derrenbacher founder and owner of Evolvability, as they discuss leadership and Flow State. In this episode you will learn:
  1. 1. Sarah’s story and how she ended up running her own business.
    2. What is flow and why is it important?
    3. How does flow tie into leading?
    4. Are we born leaders or can we become a great leader?
    5. What attributes does a great leader exemplify?
    6. What is one tip we can work on today to become a better leader?
    7. What is one tip we can work on right now to bring us closer to flow state?
    8. The books and resources Sarah recommends on flow and leadership.
    9. How does Sarah “Win the Day?”
    10. Sarah’s ideal client and the types of people she works with.
    11. You can connect with Sarah and get more info on her practice at her website: https://evolveabilityllc.com/ or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evolveability/
    12. If Sarah has a friend coming to Rochester, who has never been here, where is she taking them?